Birdwatching Canada

A voice for the northern birds

Bird Quiz #1

And this species is....?

And this species is....?

So you think you know your Canadian birds? Have a look at our ten bird trivia questions below to test yourself.  Answers will be provided next week, but if you’re in a hurry for them just wing us an email!

  1. Which birds are the slowest fliers in the world?
  2. Which birds build such small nests the eggs are deposited in layers?
  3. Which birds are completely encased in feathers from head to toes?
  4. Which birds dive the deepest?
  5. Which birds were the official emblem of the Roman Army?
  6. Which birds consume the most ants?
  7. Which birds were the first domesticated bird species?
  8. Which birds enter controlled hypothermia to survive winter temperatures?
  9. Which birds are nicknamed ‘Canada bird’ for their song?
  10. Which birds have nestlings that feign death if disturbed?

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