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Now That’s A Nest Site!

I was taking a birding drive on the weekend out to a large shallow lake which is filled with puddle ducks in the spring. Across the road from this lake is a landscaping company, and in preparation for their big season, they have a huge pile of wood chips to be used for mulch.

Scanning the sky for the peregrine falcon that usually hangs out around the lake, I burst out laughing when I saw a Canada Goose playing king of the castle on top of this 50+ foot high pile. Closer inspection revealed another goose sitting just below the king.  Neither of them moved during the hour or so we were there, so I can only surmise these misguided birds were sitting on a nest.

When you think about it, these eggs should hatch in record time. Heat from the parents’ body on top, and heat from the mulch pile below should really speed things up. Maybe not so misguided after all. It’s not like there’s a scarcity of nesting sites close by with a lake across the road.

King-of-the-hill Canada Geese

King-of-the-hill Canada Geese

Sky high goose nest

Sky high goose nest


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