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Bird Quiz Answers

And this species is a Common redpoll

And this species is a Common redpoll

Here are the answers to our tough bird trivia questions. How did you do?!

1. Which birds are the slowest fliers in the world? American woodcocks are able to fly at 5 mph (8km/hr) without stalling

2. Which birds build such small nests the eggs are deposited in layers? Golden-crowned kinglets build nests about 3″ deep

3. Which birds are completely encased in feathers from head to toes? Snowy owls

4. Which birds dive the deepest? Common loons are known to dive to 200 ft (60 metres)

5. Which birds were the official emblem of the Roman Army? Golden eagles

6. Which birds consume the most ants? Northern flickers, even though they’re a woodpecker, spend much of their time on the ground

7. Which birds were the first domesticated bird species? Two possible answers here depending on the experts – mallard duck or common (rock) pigeon

8. Which birds enter controlled hypothermia to survive winter temperatures? Common poorwills drop their body temp to 6C (41F) for up to five months

9. Which birds are nicknamed ‘Canada bird’ for their song? White-crowned sparrows clearly sing “Oh sweet Canada Canada Canada

10. Which birds have nestlings that feign death if disturbed?  Black-billed cuckoos


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