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Saskatchewan Birding Specialties

Provincial Bird Sharp-tailed Grouse

Provincial Bird Sharp-tailed Grouse

  • Sharp-tailed grouse
  • Ruddy duck
  • White pelican
  • Sprague’s pipit
  • American wigeon
  • House wren
  • Horned lark
  • Lesser scaup
  • American bittern

356 species in 40 familes

Located in the prairie region of Canada, Saskatchewan is in the heart of North America, neighbouring the provinces of Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west. To the south it borders the US states of Montana and North Dakota. To the north are the Canadian territories of Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Known for its flat southern plains, over half of Saskatchewan is covered by the boreal forest and aspen parkland. Northern Saskatchewan also includes the the Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes, the largest active sand dunes in the world north of 58°. Southern Saskatchewan contains another area with sand dunes known as the “Great Sand Hills” covering over 300 square kilometres.

One-third of the province is cultivated land, and one-eighth is covered with water. The southern part of the province is relatively flat, with occasional valleys created by erosion from the glacial era.

Saskatchewan is clearly the province for grassland birds. Grasslands National Park in the south west portion of the province contains large colonies of black-tailed prairie dogs and their companions, burrowing owls. Migrating shorebirds also gather by the thousands at Lost Mountain Lake.

The Cypress Hills, located in the southwestern corner, and the Killdeer Badlands are areas that remained unglaciated during the last glaciation period, and contain Saskatchewan’s highest point at 1,468 metres. Based on personal experience, birding in Cypress Hills is a real eye-opener. You’re liable to get grassland birds, mountain birds or forest birds, and often the range maps in the book don’t coincide with the bird you’re looking at.

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