Birdwatching Canada

A voice for the northern birds


Canada is a huge country famous for its wild areas, wild animals and yes, its wild climate! It’s also a popular tourist destination, with people from around the world traveling to Canada each year. Whether you’re looking for Canada facts before your visit or just looking for interesting facts about wild Canada, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply Wild Canada is a website for hikers, bird watchers, rafters skiiers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You won’t find any business or financial information here – our Canadian information focuses on Wild Canada.

If you’re a bird watcher, have a look at our newest website – Birdwatching Canada

Both websites are updated on a regular basis. If there’s something you would like to see us cover, please leave us a comment below!

Pat Bumstead

Calgary, Alberta


One Response

  1. cathy says:

    can anyone tell me what huge wave of migrating, noisy birds were flying NW over Spruce Grove on Sat, May 2nd. Never seen so many. Heard them before I saw them, too high to make out tpe.

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